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Channeled Messages

Personal channeled messages are available for your healing and nurturance, as well as to gain deeper understanding of your Self as a Light Form Being. We will connect to the StarLight Foundation, a unique resonant frequency of many different Light Beings. These Beings have gathered specifically at this time to assist the advancement and understanding of the conscious human mind, as they bear witness to the experience of your Light Form through the human vessel. They offer unique perspectives of your current situation and will  also provide assistance through Light adjustments as needed. This will be delivered as a recorded mp3 file.

Personal Channeled Message

The StarLight Foundation

65 USD

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Client Samples and Testimonials

The StarLight Foundation

StarLight Foundation

This transmission touched on some of my deepest human struggles for sure-  the ones I’m never comfortable discussing or acknowledging.  specifically this deep ‘shame’ and ‘perfectionism’.  To be ‘wrong’ or to make a mistake feels devastating on some level.  I feel this has blocked me from fully connecting with others and the world at times.  I can see how I have kept these parts so hidden away. Even now- being seen. It’s uncomfortable...but necessary.


I would say these judgements about my emotional vulnerability and release are also accurate. Somewhere along the way I adopted this belief that to have complete mastery of emotions made me somehow more connected to the Light or further along this ascension path.  Very true and a relief almost to know how misguided this actually is. Crying has never come easy to me..but when the floodgates open it feels as though they’ll never stop.

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