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Hypnosis Sessions

Source I AM Presence

My personal belief within my LightWork practice is that it is most important we get to know our own Light and energy field at a personal level. These sessions are specifically designed to assist you in navigating and learning how to work your Light. 

In my personal experience, the most potent and lasting change within my awareness and perception has come from sessions that allow me to be fully immersed in my own field. The ability to navigate my own field as a journey of self discovery towards remembrance of who I AM as a Source Light Being has brought me to the greatest depths in my conscious knowing.

It is wonderful to hear from outside sources that we possess certain qualities and aspects as a Light Being, yet I find that tends to remain forever outside of ourselves as an elusive  thought or belief. Unless we are somehow able to embody that information as an experience, we can spend years or even lifetimes searching for who and what we truly are.

Through a guided meditation format, these sessions allow you the space to fully experience your own Light while also bringing you information to assist your conscious expansion of your Self as a Light Being.

These sessions will be delivered as three (3) separate recorded files via email over a week's time period. We will correspond via email after each session to determine the appropriate timing for your sessions to be delivered, as there is generally a period of time required while you process and integrate.

Source I AM Hypnosis

145 USD

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