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Reclaiming Life for the Soul's Purpose
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Group Sessions where we open to explore the current field energies. Zoom link will be sent upon payment!

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Group Support
Tuesday Nov 21st

7:00 pm central  

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Life on this planet can be downright difficult. Often times we find that we have been struggling for years with the same issues over and over again without feeling true progress. Other times we experience a life-changing event that completely throws us out of our comfort zone and tests us to our core. It takes a full range view of your energy field to understand what is occurring when undesired patterns continue to impede our life. Together we can look at the broader spectrum of energy that makes you who you are...and begin to fully understand the challenges you are facing. We can begin to dismantle the stories of the past in order to clear the path for an unencumbered life.

Presence with Purpose


Light Guide


Fully-invested in energetic field work since 2015, I seek to restore right order and balance to your Soul's energy field.  Through my own healing journey which began in 2013 I have developed a broad scope and understanding of the intricate connections between the higher order energetics of a Soul's essence, and how they reveal into the physical form of the human body. It is  of particular interest to me to seek out and find energetic dissonance and discrepancies which may lie hidden and undetected through traditional modes of energetic healing work.

My belief is that we are all indeed whole and always connected to Source. Yet as a result of simply existing here in the physical planes, certain energies and imbalances were applied even before the moment we were conceived.  Often times we find that repeated and unwanted patterns of behavior have a deeper source rather than just one's inability to overcome life's challenges. Many of us have have taken on specific distorted energies as a result, with the intent of healing these patterns for ourselves, for our families and for the collective All. In addition, especially if we are very advanced Souls, we are constantly bombarded with energies that seek to keep us off of our true path. There is no shame or guilt in owning the way that we are showing up and experiencing this lifetime, as this is all part of the unique process of the Soul's journey.

As a Light Guide I serve as an energetic hypnotherapist to help you find how these energies are showing up in your life, and where these patterns source from in your energy field. From there we can dismantle energy blockages and the story that has been attached to it so that you can move forward in life unencumbered by the past.


Support That Makes a Difference

Sat on the Rocks


Realign & Restructure 

This 60-minute session delves into your energetic field and assists you with finding blocks as well as applying the proper corrections and alignment that your Soul and energetic field requires, as well as upgrades.

This session lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours in length. It is different from other hypnosis therapy in that the goal is to further assist you in navigating your own journey within this life. We look at the energy to correct existing distortions so as to assist your present and future life, rather than focusing on the stories of the past as this is the life we are living and this is the life that truly matters. Insights gained from these sessions can be more deeply integrated into your current life to have an immediate effect, rather than indulging in a past life story with little to no healing effect. During the session we work to connect you to specific energy points that will continue to assist you in your physical life. We seek to find the root energy that is affecting your life (past, present and future) in order to release this out and allow  you to move forward.  



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