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Light Guide  is a New Earth Field open model technique which is a Omniversal scope of functioning for all those within the paths of ascension coming through the portals of New Earth Primary Source Light Being.

Field Mapping is a form of energetic facilitation where the practitioner works as a light model to open the fields via multiple field sensory systems which empath the areas of discordance, or obstruction, while building a light reference model to apply an outline of field attribute tracing and marries all the aspects together as per the unique configuration of each specific light being. 

Light Guide is a technique of  Field Mapping combined with  Quantum Hypnosis (QHHT & BQH) which  is a Source to Human guidance model where the complete referential templating ( light lattice ) is set into place. Areas in the field which are compromised, corrupted, out of synch, hi jacked, manipulated, wounded and fragmented are toned, attuned, corrected, attoned and balanced through recalibrations, alignments, adjustments, correspondence, harmonization, dispensation and overlay. From the human to Source channels are reconnected, opened and activated, We correct to the original blue prints of Being as the fields open and reconnect to Origin Essence through all into space time-Now . 

Each one of us is a unique combination with variants of Light Orders and sequences/templates which bring in our unique vibration through signatures where we birth light into the harmonics of reunification (Twin Flame Template). All is perfect, all is divine.


The fragmentation was a divine course to enter density materialization within a progression. Phase shift and field orders are part of what we call the reawakening to what Is. We hold veils through ranges of our fields to allow the progressions and the returns to be ordered within divine proportion and right timing. All has always been well. We entered into awareness to build the bounds within recapitulation mechanics.


We are never punished, we are builders of divine tapestry we are the extensions of Source Light. Yet the process of light reorder  shifting can be difficult/painful/shocking to process, apply, and uphold through the field. This is why we run additional  support work through attunement and session adjustment so as the resonance of the Light Guide Facilitator will actually lend alignment as guide for your field to mirror and uptake new resonance and light quotient.


We are the Eternal Infinite Being of the I AM all within various stages of reconciliation to the Prime Source.  When we reach a stage of call up when we require additional field adjustments we can work with facilitator fields whom can hold space and frequency order to assist the recalibrations to Arc the alignments into correct phase and orientations through the divine plan.


If you are called to birth your mission, or feel overwhelmed with signs and symptoms that traditional/alternative medicine or  energy healing  can not address nor reconcile to a new balance point then this is where the addition of Light Guide facilitation would come in to assist to move into New Fields of Being which are your birth right then see and feel what mode of assistance fits your heart.


As Light Guide Facilitator I offer all ranges of attunement based upon your current state of awakening and field reconciliation into the New Earth alignments which are service to others expressions of non monetary exchange to more in-depth  monetary exchange session work where we trace and define the field attributes and outlines more precisely.

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