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LightLife Coaching

Remote Energy FieldWork

LightLife Coaching is an effective tool for gaining insight into what is occurring within your energy field.  It can be extremely beneficial to know and understand what is happening through our field ranges, as our physical experience is a reflection of what is occurring in our internal light field. As you begin to recognize the correlations, you will gain greater awareness and understanding of how to work your light to assist your daily life.

This work will encompass approximately 15-20 minutes per session of field observation and tuning. Recordings will be made and emailed to you with the exception of Sundays and Wednesdays. 

Please note that correspondence of your daily reflections in regards to the recordings is expected as this ensures that you begin to build your own model of understanding, as well as honoring and respecting the energy fields.

Observation & Tuning

3 Sessions per week

85 USD

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If you are experiencing intense shifts you may opt for more in-depth assistance.

6 Sessions per week

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165 USD

In-Depth Assistance

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